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Q: Why do I need to hire a professional makeup artist for my event?

A: You're hiring a professional for not only your special event but also for the photos that will last a lifetime! A professional will ensure you not only look great when you walk through the door to your event, but that it will last long enough to look great when you walk back out the door at the end of the night! A professional knows how to work with the lighting that everyone will be seeing you in person, as well as the professional lighting your photographer will be using. We know how to play with color and light and how to enhance your best features so that you will be your most polished self! We also know what products and ingredients will work well with your skin and features to give you the best outcome. You're paying for venues, hair dressers, florists, Your face deserves the same level of professional care!

Q: Where does SMB offer services?

A: All services are provided to you on site, be that at your home, venue, office, or studio! We service all of Las Vegas and surrounding areas,


Q: What types of events do you service?

A: We specialize in all types of special events. From Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Red Carpets, Galas, Runway Shows, Prom/Homecomings, Photo/Video Shoots, and Corporate Events you name it- we've done it!

Q: What services do you specifically provide?

A: We are a professional makeup artistry service. We do both traditional and airbrush makeup. We are available for large and small parties. We can provide anything from natural "no makeup-makeup" to a full face glam! We also are available for special effects makeup, as well as tattoo and scar cover ups! We are also able to collaborate with licensed and talented local hair dressers to be able to provide you with hair services as an add on!

We are also able to provide on-location facial and brow services.

Q: Do you provide all the makeup?

Yes! We come with a fully stocked kit that can accommodate all skin types, tones, personal aesthetics, and allergies! Although we do ask to let us know ahead of time of any known allergies or sensitivities! For sanitation reasons we can not use your personal makeup or brushes, but rest assured SMB products, tools, and brushes undergo the highest level of hygiene practices and uphold all state board and CDC guidelines. We are more than happy to dive deeper into our sanitation practices if you would like more info! By using only our kit products we can be assured your makeup will all be agreeable and give you the long lasting, photo ready standards you desire!

Q: What types of bookings do you accept?

We can accept bookings of both large and small parties, as well as single person bookings! We also provide services such as makeup lessons, virtual personal beauty shopping and assistance, as well as pop up glam tables for the guests at your special event (touch up stations or glitter stations depending on the type of events!)

Q: How do I book/find more info?

A: Please reach out to us via the contact form and provide the date/location/type of event/how many people needing services and we can get back to you with more info tailored to your specific event!

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